Parents see how influenced our children are by television, magazines and media in general. That is why it is so important to portray body image in a positive manner. The makers of Lammily wanted to create a REAL doll that looked like the children playing with it, not like an airbrushed model. 
     Lammily dolls look like real people, that is why kids love playing with them. Unlike competitors, Lammily dolls have realistic curves and look just like all of us. To learn more about all of these fantastic dolls, check them out here!
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01/04/2017 8:50pm

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01/04/2017 8:52pm

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Wow, Lammmily dolls are amazing. It is really realistic. It's really a perfect doll for all girls. The makers of Lammily are genius in making these. I'm sure girls will love this and will have fun playing with these dolls.

02/03/2017 11:50am

My name is Gemma and I am the peg doll artist and owner of Lotty Lollipop. I am on a one woman mission: To fill the world with peg doll loveliness. My company was established back in 2009, the main driving force behind its formation was my children. I wanted to create my art, bring happiness to others and be in a job that allowed me watch my little ones grow.


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