The cute little Worry Eaters are perfect for making your child's fears disappear! These colorful little plush dolls ease your kiddo's worries by "eating" them and making them disappear for good! 
     Worry Eaters come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes so your child will find one they trust with their scary stories. Then, they write down their fears and tuck them in the mouth pocket. The Worry Eater does its job to eat the fear and make it disappear, never bothering the child again! 
     Check out this amazing toy here
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12/27/2016 8:57am

I believe that a child having fears is perfectly normal. It's not that I encourage them to fear something or someone, but having something to fear is something normal. We should, however, help children face their fears. Help treat them and become more courageous along their growth. As adults, it is our responsibility so that children won't grow up to be cowardly and full of fears.

07/04/2017 5:53am

I believe that it is important to know the fears of our children. Furthermore, upon knowing, it is necessary to address them and let them understand that there is nothing to worry about. I like the video that you made. I feel like it is very cute and handy. Moreover, the colors that are available are very bright which makes it look cuter. This is such a good creation and I am glad that you shared it.


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