If you are looking for an adorable block set for kids, you don't want to miss these beautiful sets from Mio.  These colorful and open-ended playsets are great for kiddos three and over. 
     There are a ton of different Mio sets to choose from and one is just as cute as the next! This particular one is the woodland, featuring the fox and skunk. Kiddos can get creative acting out scenes with the little beanbag creatures. 
     Check out all Mio products on Manhattan Toy's website here! 

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janie vezina
12/28/2016 5:14pm

these are so cute. the woodland creatures are my favorite, love the skunk and fox.


Their items are cute and every kid is going to love the items they have. Manhattan Toy is a toy company that is known to sustain the best quality. Their toys are very applicable to kid and they hold an age range wherein we just have to pick the age of the kid we are going to give this. They have a set of categories which makes it much more exciting and very friendly. I have to purchase two sets of these for my nephews and niece. I am sure they are going to love this.

Terry Poage
12/29/2016 4:09pm

These are so cute. I haven't heard of these, but we have no small children in the family.

Amber Ludwig
01/04/2017 1:59pm

What fun little sets!! I love that they are wood and totally encourage open play and imagination!!


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04/27/2017 11:52pm

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