WAFF makes awesome products that allow you to personalize them using these cute little cubes. Waff notebooks are covered in a hard plastic that have squares all over them and the cubes fir snuggly on. This allows you to add letters, numbers and pictures in any order you wish. 
     WAFF makes a ton of different products like notebooks, diaries, and more. They have an assortment of colors so you will find something that suits everyone's personalities! WAFF notebooks make awesome gifts so check out their site here and grab them in time for the holidays. 
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02/13/2017 12:31am

I love waffles and I can easily get what inspire WAFF's designs. I've worked in the WAFF team once and I can say that being in the WAFF is fun. And I think that's the reason why our journals are playful, colorful and fun to use. Another fact, our team used to drink a lot of tea during production time. WAFF's products encourage children and adults to be creative in using their products. Thank you for featuring WAFF's products.


This product is so awesome, I commend the ones that though of this wonder and unique product. Honestly, you should register this and make it your official patent! It is truly innovative! There are a lot of ways you can use this, especially for a meticulous person like me. I can sort out and effectively write down notes and plans in different categories. I will surely order one of these for myself and another for my sister! I plan on using it the whole year.

03/01/2017 9:54pm

My mate and i read phrase for expression, here you give a fascinating article could be a materials reference point me in the work, much thanks.

03/01/2017 9:59pm

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01/22/2018 9:33pm

Customizing your own stuff is very in demand now. I love the idea that there are companies like this who offer customizing products base on what you like and you want to have. Base on my experienced, every time that I need to buy a notebook or other school stuff I used to pick a design that will match my personality, but unfortunately some of the bookstores lack any designs, that is why I end up choosing a notebook that's for me I think is similar to what I want. And this company will help me a lot to achieve my notebooks and other products suited to my personality, I love the idea that you are the one who will choose what color you want and what design do you want to execute in your personalized things. Thank you for sharing this blog, I will take note of this!


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