If you are looking for an incredible gift for that person who is always on the go and loves to be outdoors, the Matador blanket is it! This is a super compact blanket that allows you to carry it anywhere but when you spread  out, you have a ground cover for 3-4 people. This is perfect for families or just a person who loves being outside. 
     The Matador is extremely durable and withstands water and punctures. It is 63in X 44in (160cm X 110cm) it's large enough for 2 to relax or more to sit. Ideal for hiking, parks, picnics, beaches, festivals, concerts, and more. So go ahead, put yourself out there. Head over to the Matador site now to learn more! 
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Kelly O
12/16/2016 6:44pm

I cannot believe that that tiny bag can hold such a large blanket. This would be so awesome. You could have in your purse, or in the car, and always have something to sit on. brilliant.

04/03/2017 4:24am

My friends will definitely like this bag, because they are the kind of people who usually go out every week for an adventure. They always look for the things that will make them carry in a convenient manner. I hope that your product is indestructible, so my friends will share this also to their other friends. Finally, I found this form of bag, something that will really help us a lot. Thank you very much. I can't wait for your post in the future.

12/17/2016 12:51am

Wow! this bag is amazing! You could use it for so many things. I love that it comes in its own bag

molli taylor
12/17/2016 5:08pm

this is fabulous. i had never heard of it and now i need one!

Stephanie Phelps
12/17/2016 6:26pm

That is amazing and would be perfect to through in the diaper bag for the days we go to the lake. It is amazing how compact it is but ever so big

Debbie Clauer
12/18/2016 2:52pm

Raising three girls, all involved in different sports, fast food trash and lost homework, lived in my van for years.

janie vezina
12/20/2016 5:56am

this is the perfect blanket, we are planning lots of outdoor stuff with the family.

12/21/2016 7:45pm

Thanks for sharing the information, I've near heard of it.

12/23/2016 6:36am

Wow this blanket is amazing! Can't wait!

Amber Ludwig
12/30/2016 11:16am

Oooh I LOVE this blanket!! My son and I live at the park and zoo in the summer, we have gone through SO many outdoor blankets already!! Some just aren't big enough, are too bulky to carry and so on. This one looks like perfection!!

Cheryl Everitt
01/01/2017 2:17pm

Oh my! Love, love and love!

Cheryl Everitt
01/04/2017 6:04am

Gotta have one of these blankets. My grandchildren and I are outside all the time. Thanks for sharing.

kathi bennett
01/04/2017 11:01am

It's so compact and I love that it is waterproof would have to buy one for myself also!

Terry Poage
01/05/2017 2:55pm

These are great. We go to out door concerts and this would be useful.

Rom Kruse
01/07/2017 7:55am

I love how compact and easy to use, great idea

Brigid OHara Koshko
01/08/2017 7:16am

Perfect to throw into a bat bag and use in between games. Portable but sturdy enough to throw on the ground when bleachers are not available. Awesome!

Heather Amos
01/09/2017 7:19pm

Pretty awesome that bag can be so handy. Thanks so much for sharing.

ellen beck
01/09/2017 8:05pm

This would also be a good thing to keep in a vehicle. I could see it as part of an emergency kit for home or auto!

gloria patterson
01/10/2017 10:59am

I had something like this that I carried in my car for years. Some way this blanket got lost when I trade cars. I will be getting a new one it is nice to have in your car in case of need


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