For those super healthy and raw food eaters, the Raw Box subscription is absolutely perfect! You subscribe, then the awesome folks at Raw Box curate your box, and then it is delivered to you or as a gift. It is jam packed with natural, healthy goodness. 
     I love that the box is beautifully packed and comes with natural snacks that health nuts will absolutely love. 
     This is the November Raw Box that I got to try out! It was PACKED! All the good stuff that I had previously tried and loved or new things that I was super excited to sample. In the November box was:
Foods Alive Onion Ring Clusters
Sunwarrior Illumin8
Gorilly Goods Coast Sweet Curry Cashew
Verday Chlorophyll Water
Shout Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds 
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Hemp Seeds 

     Raw Box is a natural food lovers perfect gift! Head over to their site now to subscribe or give as a gift and you can save 15%
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


12/16/2016 6:30pm

This looks like a healthy little snack box, perfect for on the go

01/04/2017 4:03am

Thank you for sharing this post! This raw box is very helpful for me, especially when giving gifts to my health conscious friends and love ones. I am glad I saw this post. I will try this one out and I can't wait for their reaction. Keep posting!

Robin Abrams
12/19/2016 2:46am

This would be perfect for my daughter in law. She loves the healthier snacks

janie vezina
12/21/2016 6:05am

i didnt even know there was such a thing. my husband i eat a raw vegan diet.

Amber Ludwig
01/02/2017 10:09am

Yummo!! How perfect for those who are looking for raw, healthy snack options and/or trying to start the new year off fresh!!


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Teresa A. Thompson
01/05/2017 12:52pm

I would love this after workouts.

Cheryl Everitt
01/06/2017 4:34pm

I am turning over a new leaf this year. This Raw Box would be a perfect gift to me.

01/09/2017 3:38am

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Terry Poage
01/09/2017 4:09pm

I have never heard of this but would love to try it.

01/09/2017 10:06pm

It is hard to find where to comment. nice little treats.

03/18/2017 4:33am

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