Who doesn't love a super yummy snack as a holiday gift? Popcorn For the People makes an amazing gift this holiday season because not only is it amazing popcorn but this company provides meaningful & lasting employment for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. You can snack knowing that you made a difference! 
     With Popcorn For the People, you can choose one flavor to love or you can create your own tin. They have so many awesome flavors to choose from that are absolutely amazing! Go check out this awesome non profit organization here
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Karen Beckett
12/18/2016 4:37am

Popcorn for snacking is always a good choice for a Christmas gift.

03/22/2017 6:51pm

It's a very admirable service that company provides. It's very personal and meaningful. Not many people think about providing services or products that aim to satisfy a large number of the market and include those with autism and other developmental disabilities. Some companies disregard those markets since there is not much of a market with them and focus on proving service and products that benefits the larger market. This product restores my faith in humanity.

Marilyn Nawara
12/18/2016 5:48am

Popcorn is always a welcome gift -- like that proceeds go to a good cause.

Will G
12/19/2016 4:38pm

Popcorn is always a good option!

Alisha holland
12/23/2016 9:22am

Love love love that the company goes out of their way to give employment opportunities to people with autism!

janie vezina
12/23/2016 4:27pm

great gift idea, i have several people in my life who love popcorn.

Cheryl Everitt
01/03/2017 11:33am

Snacking For A Cause is a fantastic gift for any time of the year.

Amber Ludwig
01/06/2017 8:44am

How awesome!! I love that you can create your own tin!! So much fun to be able to personalize what you want!!

Terry Poage
01/07/2017 1:29pm

This is a great gift idea and for a great cause. I am disabled to so I know how hard it is to find a job.

02/16/2017 2:28am

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Popcorn is a precious gift when you are watching a movie.


There are many causes for snacking like gaming and watching movies with friends.


Thanks for sharing this post.

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12/08/2017 6:57am

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