Pur Gum is made with only the good things, so it tastes especially delicious while it is freshening your breath! This gum is the perfect alternative to traditional gum and mints. The Xylitol in Pur helps decrease the risk of cavities and helps stimulate saliva! 
     Pur Gum has eight different gum flavors and five mints flavors. Just in time for the holidays they even have a holiday bonus pack featuring Candy Cane and Peppermint Frost flavors. Check out the Pur site to order yours now! Get a healthy stocking stuffer that tastes amazing! Your mouth will thank you. 
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Amber Ludwig
12/19/2016 8:52am

Yay for no aspertame!! I love that they are already labeled with To: and From:. Perfect for gift giving!


Wow! Candy has evolved. It has caught up with the medical innovation. When I was young my parents and doctors always told me not to chew gum, as it will cause cavities. Now, since they couldn't stop kids from chewing gum, they innovated it to help prevent dental issues. It's such a brilliant idea. I just wish it was invented a bit earlier.

janie vezina
12/22/2016 8:27am

awesome gift, can never have too much on hand. lol

Terry Poage
12/30/2016 6:29pm

I would love to be able to chew Pur gum but I have dentures and can't chew gum.

ellen beck
01/03/2017 8:07pm

I have tried thiss gum and it isnt bad at all. I liked it.

01/16/2017 10:07pm

I are satisfied with your site, set up and exceptionally one of a kind so never exhausted come here.


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