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It’s always tough when your spouse travels for work.
     In fact - it’s not something that gets easier. You’d think it would, really. You’d think that you’d adapt, feel more at ease, find a way to skip over the missing days with some sense of normality. As anyone who has ever lived with a traveling spouse will know… that just doesn’t happen. You adjust and make the adaptations you need, but really, you’re waiting again for the door to open once more and the excited shouts of: “Daddy’s home!”
     So rather than being totally fine and at ease with things, all you can strive for is making things as bearable as possible. There are a few tricks you can use to make the distance feel as small as possible, and allow you to click in and out of a routine when the long nights separated from one another feel like they’re going to go on forever.

     Getting married when you have kids may seem quite stressful. However, if your kids are willing and able to get involved, the whole wedding can be far more fun and family friendly. There are many ways children of all ages can get involved. Of course, the choices are up to you. This is your special day with your partner. As much as your kids are a huge part of your life, you might still want some parts of your wedding to be all about you. Here are just some of the ways your kids can become a part of your big day, without being too intrusive:

     We all want our wedding day to reflect us. It is the day that cements your love, so it makes sense you want to inject as much of yourself as possible. The benefits of getting handy with DIY speak for themselves. What better way to incorporate yourself into your wedding than making decorations? No shop bought item can have as much meaning as a handmade piece. Yes, you have enough to worry about already. But, personality isn’t something you can afford to skip. So, how can you make sure your wedding is the personal affair you’ve always dreamt of? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

     After you have been married a number of years, you might start considering renewing your rows. After all, it’s a great way of celebrating your love. In fact, it can help relight the spark in your relationship. And if you have had kids, it’s a superb opportunity for them to be part of your special day this time round. However, a lot of couples don’t know where to start when planning their renewal. Therefore, here is some handy advice to make renewing your vows a special day for the whole family.

     The home may be the place we feel the safest, but it isn’t invincible. Things can and do go wrong at home, from electrical shortages to carbon monoxide leaks. You need to be readily prepared for coping with things like fires, floods and general disasters that affect you and your family.

When you have kids, it can be difficult to still get the most out of life. Everything starts to revolve around them from your spare time to your finances to what you do on your holidays. It’s a crazy lifestyle change that no one is ever truly prepared for. But you shouldn’t just give up on your wants and desires when you become a parent. You are still an individual, you have needs. You shouldn’t let every day revolve around your kids. If you do this, you will end up resenting them. So, let’s tackle some of the issues that stop you from enjoying life as a full-time mom or dad.

     When you’re in the middle of a relationship breakdown, things can often become a little stressful at home. You might engage in pointless arguments with your ex, and they could have adverse effects on your children. With that in mind, I wanted to release a post that offers some useful advice. At the end of the day, no parent wants their littles ones to suffer. So, in most instances, you need to bite your lip and do things the right way. Take a quick look at some of the tips on this page and try to put them into practice. I guarantee your kids are going to feel a lot happier once you do that.

     Anyone who's ever tried to plan a party knows the classic fear. That you'll put huge amounts of effort into everything, the planning, the food, the decorations, and then nobody actually shows up. A lot of the time you can put this down to being a little bit paranoid because of party planning stress, but it can be a genuine fear for a lot of people. After all, what's the point in putting in all that effort if it's just going to go to waste? Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help avoid this feeling. Here are a few simple tips for throwing a party that people are going to actually want to attend.

     Divorce is always going to be difficult for your children. After all, you have to remember that no matter how amicable the split is the family is still going to look completely different once it’s over. Some people claim it’s easier if you have younger children because they don’t understand what’s happening. Others say that it’s easier for older kids because they can handle it more effectively. Is either true? After all, when kids are young, it can be difficult coping on your own. And even children who are grown up and moved out have difficulties if their parents get divorced at a later stage in life. So how can you make sure that a divorce is as easy as it can be for your kids? Well, there are a few things you can do.