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     Life already throws us a ton of curve balls, so it is better to be prepared when we can. Bladder leakage is something we can always be prepared for. Depend FIT-FLEX ensures that both men and women can still enjoy their daily activities and not have to miss a thing due to bladder control problems. Depend knows how important your life is and they don't want you to miss one moment of it! 

     It is no secret that kids love to talk about poop. So, why not bring it home for family game night....well kinda. Poopyhead is an awesome game that you and your kids are going to love! It is a ton of laughs, because who isn't going to howl when you have a pile of poo on your head, right?
     Seriously, my little guy likes the game so much he wears the poo around just for fun (see below). 

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     For a family of five saving money is HUGE! So, we look to save anywhere we can. That means we shop at Sam's Club. If you haven't checked out this member only warehouse, it is awesome! They stock family size everything at affordable prices. This means I can find bonus packs of diapers too! 
     I find my Huggies Little Movers there because I get 12 bonus diapers in every pack. That's a dozen diaper changes in every box! The best part is that Huggies Diapers are perfect for my little one. They fit a little one's behind so you aren't going to have any gaps or leaks. Only Huggies have a SnugFit waisband so they are going to stay in place when your tot is running around! No more saggy nappy! 

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     As parents, we know that our children are productive and happy after a great night's sleep. Pampers want that to be every night, so they have made their diapers work so well that they keep kiddos dry all through the night. All Pampers diapers offer overnight protection. This way your child will be ready to face each and every day, and they can achieve anything they want to! 

     Our family lives by the motto, "be the change". When I first saw these adorable bracelets from Macy's I absolutely fell in love with them. Not only are they super cute, but they also transform communities by empowering the women who are creating them. Our family loves to do good deeds daily. It can be something as simple as taking a neighbor's newspaper to the door or paying the check for another table at a restaurant. Want to start doing good right now? Just by purchasing one of these bracelets, you are on your way! Head over to Macy' and pick one up. 
The 1GD Bracelets in black, spicy, and ivory.
     Each bracelet inspires you to do good deeds. They all have 100 glass beads and a rubber ring. The purpose is, as you do a good deed you move the rubber ring over the glass beads. Eventually, you will have completed 100 good deeds, then you begin again!  Bracelets are made by vulnerable women in Africa, Haiti, India, Bali, Indonesia and the United States, many who are HIV+. This project gives the women a way to support their families through their earnings. Just by buying one fromMacy's you are doing so much good! 

     Looking for the perfect game for those summer nights? Coop Sport Scatter Dodgeball is it. This is an easy to learn and quick play game that everyone will love. Check out the vid above to learn more and keep reading to get more info and see where you can buy it. 

     The days of shooting rubber bands between your index finger and thumb have passed! Precision RBS has introduced the most innovative line of rubber band launchers ever! Check out our experience with them above and keep reading to get even more details on them below! 

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     Many people know the term Cystic Fibrosis, but do not actually know what it is. CF is a condition that affects breathing and digestion. It affects around 30,000 adults and children in the US at any given moment. Although it is a lifelong condition, with medication, patients can live a normal life. CF can also present more severely in some patients then in others, as symptoms do vary widely in each case. Cystic Fibrosis is inherited by your parents. So, in order to have CF, both parents must be carriers of the CF gene. My daughter was born with CF, she later passed away from heart complications not related to Cystic Fibrosis. 

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     With summer here I am looking for healthy ways for my kiddos to stay hydrated. BODYARMOR is great tasting and it is filled with all sorts of awesome stuff that I feel great about my family having.