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     Moving to a new city is full of adventure, uncertainty, and constant curiosity. At Custom Turf of Pittsburgh, we’ve been locals for most of our lives, so we know this city as well as anyone. Rather than learning about a new city through months trial-and-error, use these tips when familiarizing yourself with your new home. We are going to tell you the most important things to know about Pittsburgh, so if you’re new to the city or plan on coming here soon, you can hit the ground running.

If you’re thinking of automating your home, you’re not alone. Many modern day homeowners consider this way of living now, as it can make life so much easier. There are some amazing benefits to be had from automating your home. If you’re still unsure, read on to find out how your life could change with home automation:

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     There is nothing worse than your kiddo waking up all wet and upset! Luvs wants a soggy, upset baby to be a thing of the past. Luvs NightLock Plus are softer and even more absorbent than before. The best part is, if you don't agree, they come with a ultra leakage protection and  money back guarantee. Luvs cost less than premium brands but give parents exactly what they need! So why not try them out?

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     Did you know that every time you play with your child, not only are you having fun, but you are teaching them lifelong skills. Just a few minutes of play a day can have lasting benefits! Now that the cold weather is on the way, there is always time to play a board game or have a quick game of Hide and Seek, right? So, shut off the television, put down the cell phone, and play together! 

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     It would be fair to say that education is a sector that has been lagging behind. While we’ve gotten new digital tools, schools have remained largely unchanged in their fundamentals.
     Take the classroom layout, for instance. There’ still a teacher at the front, rows of classroom chairs and students working. Innovators, however, are looking for ways to change all of this. They’re looking at ways to create differentiated learning plans for each student. And they want to find better ways to help children learn around the core syllabus.
     More and more people in education are learning that the path to success must include student engagement. Engagement is a fundamental part of the learning process. When students are engaged, they learn quickly and retain their knowledge. When they are disengaged, they lose knowledge, especially over the summer break.
     Part of making learning engaging is to make it fun. Here are some ideas that educators can use to make learning fun again.

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     Everyone knows that one of the worst possible things to happen in the holiday season is to have company stop by unexpectedly and our home to smell less than fresh, right? Well, Febreze and Doug E. Fresh is here to bring some holiday cheer and let us know about the 12 Stinks of Christmas. Of course, Doug the Pug is helping too! 

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     Ask your teen child the difference between the online and real world and it’s highly likely that they won’t know what you asked them for! For them, it all just blends a little too smoothly, and it’s just another way to stay connected with their “real world”.

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     When you are trying to get pregnant and it just doesn't happen, it can be the most frustrating thing ever. 30%-40% of couples who have trouble getting pregnant have male factor infertility issues.