With Easter right around the corner, I am always trying to find the perfect gift for my kiddo's Easter Baskets. Crayola has the perfect present for budding artists! Now, you can personalize a Crayola crayon box or an art case specifically for your little one. 

     The Crayola Rainbow Rake is a new outdoor toy that your kiddos are going to love! I had the opportunity to review the Crayola Rainbow Rake with my little ones, and we had a blast! 
     TheCrayola Rainbow Rake takes sidewalk chalk to  a whole new level. It is brightly colored, so especially little ones want to get their hands on it right away. I love the chunkiness of the rake. It is easy to grasp, especially with little fingers. The chalk is easy to install in the rake, and the kiddo can take it out of the rake when they only want to draw with one color!