A few times over the past few weeks you may have seen me post about Harvest Time Partners. If not, you can find my previous postshere and here
     Harvest Time Partners is an incredible company that produces family changing products. Our family has loved having all of their games and books in our home. It has changed the way we look at many different situations, and it has opened the lines of communication on many topics. 
     Abundant Harvest a Conversation Game is a board game that is available in a kid's edition and a teen and adult edition. We have tried both in our family, and they are both equally enjoyable and educational. By educational, I don't mean that you will be learning facts about topics, but you will be learning about your children and your spouse. It is really a family changing experience.

     We all want the best for our children. This unique series of books by Harvest Time Partners helps us to reinforce the basic principles that we instill in our kiddos. 
     Our family was given the opportunity to read the Principles of our World book series, and we were so happy that we were able to. The books are a wonderful resource for parents to remind children about the importance of Principles like Honesty, Courage, and Compassion. These stories explain the principles in a child like way, that is easy for kiddos to understand, without talking down to them. They are cute and enjoyable, but they also teach a significant lesson.

     In every review I write, I always put my true feelings. I feel that I owe it to my readers and myself. Most of the time, we enjoy our experiences with the products. Once in a great while, we come across a product that is truly incredible. Face to Face is a product made by Harvest Time Partners that had a truly profound impact on our family. 
     Face to Face is a card game that comes in three different options: Kids, Teens, or Adults. We tried out all three. They are all played the exact same way, only the questions differ. The premise of these games is to get families talking again. We live in a society where not many people actually converse anymore, so this is a really great game.