If you are looking to get a new bedroom on a budget, it isn't that difficult. By just changing a few things in our daughter's room, we gave it a completely new look! Remember, when you are redecorating, sticking to a budget is the key. For our kiddo's birthday we wanted to give her an updated "teen" look to her room, but we didn't want to spend a ton. So, the budget was set and we were determined to stick to it! 
     The existing wall color was pink and the carpet was purple. Lucky for us, these are still our daughter's favorite colors and they worked well for what we had planned for the room. So, no painting was needed. We did add these fabulous floating bookshelves, that you can easily do in any room of your home! 

This is a sponsored post. 
     The one thing I absolutely love buying is bedding. My bedroom is my sanctuary. So, I love being able to crawl into a super comfy bed that looks pretty. 
     Lush Decor allows me to shop for beautiful bedding at super low prices! I just purchased this amazing Lucia four piece comforter set. It looks wonderful and inviting in my room! I cannot wait to crawl into bed at night! My favorite part is this bedding didn't break the bank! My bedroom looks like I had an interior designer, but I really just have Lush Decor