If you are looking for an amazing holiday gift for that woman in your life, I have a great idea for you! Spongelle has an entire line of products designed to pamper her like the princess she is. 
     I have been using Spongelle products for years, and I adore them. They are incredible, and last forever. Spongelle produces infused bath products that are 100% USA made. 
      For the past few weeks, I have been trying the Spongelle Papaya Yuzu Flower Body Buffer. It is incredible, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft. This body buffer is designed to cleanse, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin from neck to toe.

     I have been a Spongelle user for years. I love their products, because they allow me to pamper myself and make me feel great. 
     Spongelle Beyond Cleansing was created in 2003. These are infused bath products that give you multiple uses in each item. 
     The Spongelle Pedi-Buffer cleans away all of your dry skin and callouses when it is cleansing. Spongelle's Pedi-Buffers are amazing for anyone whose feet need some TLC! 

     I adore Spongelle products. There must be something deep down inside of me that is a girly girl, because when I got the chance to try the Spongelle Pink Tiare Flower Boxed Duo, I was pretty geeked! 
     What I love about Spongelle's products is the amount of uses you get. For instance, in the Pink Tiare, each body buffer is infused with enough body wash to last for fifteen uses. So, in the gift set, you are giving more than thirty showers.

 So every girl has the dreaded cellulite problem, right? Spongelle has found a great way to dissolve the "C" word from our bodies while we shower! 
     I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Due to genetics, and having the three kiddos, I have the same dimply skin in the same problem areas as most other women. Spongelle Anti-Cellulite-Buffer works! It has 30+ uses in the shower bar, so I was very impressed with the value. I typically shy away from body bars due to the overpowering smells, but this one comes in a soft Beach Grass fragrance. It does a great job, and I noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin in a week!  To purchase this wonderful bar, click here