<![CDATA[NonperfectParenting - Product Reviews]]>Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:04:49 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Renewing Your Vows: Make It A Special Day]]>Fri, 24 Mar 2017 15:24:48 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/renewing-your-vows-make-it-a-special-day.html     After you have been married a number of years, you might start considering renewing your rows. After all, it’s a great way of celebrating your love. In fact, it can help relight the spark in your relationship. And if you have had kids, it’s a superb opportunity for them to be part of your special day this time round. However, a lot of couples don’t know where to start when planning their renewal. Therefore, here is some handy advice to make renewing your vows a special day for the whole family.
Make the kids part of your wedding party
     It’s likely when you renew your vows that you will have a smaller wedding party than you did the first time! After all, you won’t need a dozen bridesmaids and ushers to be part of your special day. Instead, you should consider making your kids your bridesmaids and ushers. They will love having a significant role in the special day. And the girls, in particular, will love dressing up in cute bridesmaid dresses. You could even have your kids walk you down the aisle. After all, they will feel proud walking alongside you. And even carrying the rings or giving a speech are both things you might want to get the kids to do. Just make sure you get plenty of photos to ensure you remember the very special day.
Look into getting new rings and attire
As much as you might have loved the rings you originally had for the wedding, it might be time to invest in some new ones. After all, they might not fit comfortably nowadays. For starters, you might want to get a new engagement ring. After all, it gives your hubby another chance to propose! If he messed up the first time, he might love another shot to get it right. You can then go and get new wedding bands you can swap for the ceremony. Just make sure you keep the old ones safe to pass on to your kids when they are older. And as well as rings, you might want to get new attire for the special day. After all, you might not fit in your old wedding dress. And it’s an excuse to go wedding dress shopping, as well as a chance for your hubby to buy a new suit!
Pick a special venue
It can be a hard decision on where to renew your vows. After all, you might not want to do it at your first wedding venue. Therefore, it might be that you choose somewhere which is memorable in a different way. For example, somewhere you all went on a memorable family holiday could be a perfect place to have the wedding. And you can make it into a vacation with the kids after to ensure you have a wonderful time! Or it might be somewhere in your local area that you have visited before with the family. Just make sure you book well in advance. That way, you won’t be left disappointed if your chosen venue is fully booked!
And remember this time around you will be funding the wedding! So stick to a minimum of guests and keep decor and entertainment to a minimum for the sake of your bank account!
<![CDATA[What's Your Flood Back-Up Plan?]]>Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:16:20 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/whats-your-flood-back-up-plan.html     The home may be the place we feel the safest, but it isn’t invincible. Things can and do go wrong at home, from electrical shortages to carbon monoxide leaks. You need to be readily prepared for coping with things like fires, floods and general disasters that affect you and your family.
     If there’s a risk of fire, most homes have a fire blankets or an extinguisher ready to be able to tackle a blaze before it gets out of control. This is good sense, especially when you have children. Teaching them from a young age what to do in the case of fire will also ensure that they don’t panic and can raise the alarm if a fire breaks out. Read some more here on how to teach your children about fire safety.
     The one thing most people don’t know how to handle is a flood. Not just the natural kind that comes from weeks of heavy rain that make the streets look like a river, but the kind that develops from the cold winter months causing leaks. Burst pipes that expand and crack under freezing conditions are not always obvious and can take some time to make themselves known.
     You may not have considered the possibility of pipes bursting at home, so wouldn’t have invested in heat cable for pipes in the home. These are used to regulate the temperature around the pipe and stop them from getting too hot or too cold, and when a pipe does burst you’re risking flooding, damp and the ceilings caving in. Sometimes, you can hear when a pipe has sprung a leak because the dripping sound is unmistakeable, but other times it’s so gradual and quiet that you don’t know anything is wrong. This is until you are ankle deep in water in the basement, or the ceiling starts to sag with the weight of the pooled water. There are some ways you can get your home sorted in case of a burst pipe that causes a flood in the home and here they are:
     Be prepared. Depending on the severity of the disaster, you need to have an emergency backpack with supplies for an overnight stay at the ready. Flooding caused by dodgy plumbing can take a few days to dry out and sort and the damage can be irreparable. Be prepared for disasters at all times, especially if your house is susceptible to damp.
     Shut off the water. In the event of a pipe bursting, you need to minimise any further damage so shutting off the water supply can prevent any further water flow.
     Shut off the electrics. The main concern with flooding in the home isn’t the cracks in the walls or the ceiling dipping as these cosmetic issues can be fixed. The biggest issue is the water getting into the electrics and starting a fire.
     Call the professionals. Plumbers, electricians, home insurers and contractors are around for a reason so if you suspect a pipe burst and it is affecting the electrics, call in the big guns to help you sort the issue.
     Always have a back-up plan for flooding. Check your pipes and your tanks twice a year after the summer and winter months and make sure you are prepared!
<![CDATA[Don't Forget To Live Your Life As A Parent]]>Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:08:38 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/dont-forget-to-live-your-life-as-a-parent.htmlWhen you have kids, it can be difficult to still get the most out of life. Everything starts to revolve around them from your spare time to your finances to what you do on your holidays. It’s a crazy lifestyle change that no one is ever truly prepared for. But you shouldn’t just give up on your wants and desires when you become a parent. You are still an individual, you have needs. You shouldn’t let every day revolve around your kids. If you do this, you will end up resenting them. So, let’s tackle some of the issues that stop you from enjoying life as a full-time mom or dad.
No Money
One of the major issues, when you have children, is that all your money gets spent on them. You can’t treat yourself when you need toys and even school supplies. It all adds up and the amount of money left over for you at the end of each month is going to be quite low. The answer to this issue is to make sure that you are finding ways to enjoy life without spending a lot of money. For instance, your anniversary might be coming up, and that can be an expensive party. But there are at least 10 money saving ways to celebrate your anniversary. One idea would be too spend it at a restaurant where you had your first date. The menu is probably going to be quite cheap but the ambiance will be absolutely wonderful, and memories will flood back.
No Time
Do you find that you constantly have no time for yourself as a parent? If your children are still young, you might want to think about hiring a babysitter. Relationship gurus advise that you have at least one date night a week even after you have children. So, you shouldn’t constantly be stuck in watching cartoons on television. You still need to remember to enjoy yourself, even if it’s only a little.
If you can’t make time for one date night a week, even if you’re just staying in, you’ve got a relationship issue. It shows that you’re not willing or able to put the effort in and that needs to be fixed now.
Don’t forget it doesn’t have to be a full night of romance and entertainment. A couple of hours together is all you need to appreciate the love that you both share.
No Privacy
Finally, if you constantly find that your kids are always there, you need a kids-free vacation. Parents often feel guilty about this idea, particularly if they are jetting off to a tropical location. The answer is to alternate the years. One year, you take the kids, the next, you head off by yourself. Just make sure that you drop your kids off somewhere new and exciting with a relative, so they feel like they’re still getting a vacation.
<![CDATA[Divorce Isn't Nice, But It Doesn't Have To Negatively Affect Your Kids]]>Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:03:50 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/divorce-isnt-nice-but-it-doesnt-have-to-negatively-affect-your-kids.html     When you’re in the middle of a relationship breakdown, things can often become a little stressful at home. You might engage in pointless arguments with your ex, and they could have adverse effects on your children. With that in mind, I wanted to release a post that offers some useful advice. At the end of the day, no parent wants their littles ones to suffer. So, in most instances, you need to bite your lip and do things the right way. Take a quick look at some of the tips on this page and try to put them into practice. I guarantee your kids are going to feel a lot happier once you do that.
Hire a lawyer to do your arguing
There are going to be lots of issues for which you can’t reach an agreement with your ex. That’s normal, and all couples of breakup face that problem. However, there is a simple solution that you need to consider. Hiring a decent family law attorney is a wise move because it means there’s no longer need to argue. If there are any disagreements at all, they will deal with your partner's legal representative and settle them through the courts. So, there’s no need for you to continue to battle at home. Just keep your mouth shut as much as possible and let things play out. Do not make the mistake of raising your voice in front of the kids.
Don’t use the kids as a weapon
Lots of people try to use their children as a weapon when going through a divorce. Like it or not, your babies have their own minds. Even if you say they’re not allowed to see their mother or father, they will find a way. They will also resent you for trying to put a barrier between them and the person they love. So, do yourself a favor and just resign yourself to the fact that you can’t use that strategy. All kids need to grow up with a mom and dad if they want to turn into well-balanced adults. Remember that, and try to rise above the situation. Be a good parent, and ensure they always get to see both families.
Always try to be civil

This point builds on what I said in the first section. Being polite with your ex-partner will make the divorce process much easier. Even if they’ve cheated or done something wrong, you still need to avoid being nasty. At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes. While you might not be in a position to forgive their misgivings, there’s no need to punish them. You’re already navigating the divorce process, so you’ve done everything you can. Leave any resentment at the door and try to get on as much as possible for the kids. They’ll thank you for it when they get older.
I hope you have taken some good advice from this article, and that you will get your divorce promptly. Just remember to keep your cool and put on a show for the kids. If your children are young, they will struggle to understand what’s happening. So, try to act normal until one of you have to leave the family home.

<![CDATA[How Do You Plan An Event People Will Actually Want To Attend?]]>Thu, 23 Mar 2017 14:58:09 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/how-do-you-plan-an-event-people-will-actually-want-to-attend.html     Anyone who's ever tried to plan a party knows the classic fear. That you'll put huge amounts of effort into everything, the planning, the food, the decorations, and then nobody actually shows up. A lot of the time you can put this down to being a little bit paranoid because of party planning stress, but it can be a genuine fear for a lot of people. After all, what's the point in putting in all that effort if it's just going to go to waste? Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help avoid this feeling. Here are a few simple tips for throwing a party that people are going to actually want to attend.
Give people notice
There's something fun about throwing a big party at the very last minute, getting all of your friends together unexpectedly and revelling in the spontaneity of it all. Sadly, when you're an adult with kids, work, and responsibilities, that's not something that you're going to be in a position to do very often. Make sure that you give your party guests plenty of notice so that they can put your event in their calendar. Make sure you get an idea of who's actually coming to. Don't just rely on a Facebook event, speak to people directly to find out if they're coming. People are much likely to flake if they've confirmed their attendance face to face.
Pick your date carefully
It's a good idea when trying to plan an event to think about when the largest number of people are actually going to be available. Think about when your friends and family work and figure out whether it's best to throw and weekend or weekday event. Not only that but make sure that you check if there are any big events on at the same time. The last thing you want is to put in huge amounts of effort into a part, only to have no one show up because the big game is on that day! Picking the perfect date can make all the difference between an amazing party and a bunch of no-shows.
Give them something to remember it by
     This is a great option if you're setting up an event for a specific reason. For things like weddings and engagement parties then people are probably going to want something a little more than the standard party fare of paper plates and tissue napkins. Things like personalized wedding napkins, monogrammed with the names of the bride and groom are a great option. They give your guests something to hold onto so that they can treasure the memories of an event that they were a part of. People love to feel as though they're a part of something, rather than just another guest, so this little touch can go a long way.
     Of course, no matter what, you're always going to have that little doubt in the back of your mind over whether or not anyone will want to show up. However, if you plan your party properly, then you can be sure that it's the kind of event that people are definitely going to want to show up to.
<![CDATA[Put Your Family Back Together After A Divorce]]>Wed, 22 Mar 2017 20:07:08 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/put-your-family-back-together-after-a-divorce.html
     Divorce is always going to be difficult for your children. After all, you have to remember that no matter how amicable the split is the family is still going to look completely different once it’s over. Some people claim it’s easier if you have younger children because they don’t understand what’s happening. Others say that it’s easier for older kids because they can handle it more effectively. Is either true? After all, when kids are young, it can be difficult coping on your own. And even children who are grown up and moved out have difficulties if their parents get divorced at a later stage in life. So how can you make sure that a divorce is as easy as it can be for your kids? Well, there are a few things you can do.
Get A Lawyer Who Understands
When you get divorced, you are going to need a lawyer. You will have wishes and requests that you want to be upheld. You may even have items that you want to make sure you get in the divorce proceedings. But that’s not the most important issue. The crucial point is that your kids feel as though they aren’t part of that list of items. A great lawyer can help here. Barbara May divorce attorney puts the children first and ensures that their needs are prioritized. She also knows the benefits of not turning a divorce proceeding into a battlefield. It’s the last thing you want, and it can be avoided with a great attorney.
Blend The Old And New
I’ve talked about this before, but you need to do everything you can to make the new pieces of your family fit together. It’s crucial that you feel connected and that your children do as well to any other parts of your family that might grow. For instance, your partner may get remarried, or you might couple with someone who already has kids. All these pieces have to fit together, and there should be no hostility here. Children play off emotions. If you are angry at their father, even if it’s behind closed doors, they’re going to sense it. You’ll see their mood shift accordingly.
Give Them Support

You need to make sure that your children are getting the support that they need. It’s fair to say that not every child is going to need to speak to a therapist to deal with a divorce. Occasionally, though, this is going to be beneficial, and you should not take this possibility off the table. After all, it could help them a lot, particularly if they feel as though they are somehow to blame for the whole affair.
Embrace The New Normal
     Finally, you should remember that over forty percent of marriages end in divorce, so it’s not a rare occurrence. The nuclear family is dead, step fathers, step mothers, step children are all incredibly common. And research shows that getting divorced is not damaging to your child’s development. So don’t fear it and don’t shy away from the idea when it could be the best thing for your family and you as an individual.
<![CDATA[Make Car Journeys Safer and More Enjoyable for the Kids]]>Tue, 14 Mar 2017 18:15:08 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/make-car-journeys-safer-and-more-enjoyable-for-the-kids.html     The question that every parent dreads to hear in the car is “are we there yet?”. Your children are hyperactive, they’re not tired, and they want to get up and do something instead of being strapped into their chairs. Sadly, there aren’t many ways to get around boring car journeys and no matter how hard we try, we’ll never be able to banish them forever and keep our children entertained for hours on end.
     It doesn’t matter if you’re driving to another city, across the country or even to your local park, the kids will get bored and they’ll start to shout, scream, and get restless. As a problem that has been troublesome for parents since vehicles were invented, there is plenty of advice and tips that you can read online. This guide will hopefully give you some insight into how you can improve car journeys with your children by keeping the safe and entertained no matter how long or short the drive is.
Entertainment in the car
     If you have money to burn and a high-tech vehicle, then you’ve probably considered installing some in-seat entertainment much like the systems that a plane has. You can install screens or even fully functional tablets into the back of the front seats of a car, giving your children in the back plenty of entertainment to indulge in while they’re on a long and boring car journey. With some additional headphone ports, headphones and perhaps even an in-car WiFi connection, they’ll be able to play games, watch shows and even chat with their friends while they’re in the car.
     It’s so good in fact, that your children might actually love long car journeys. However, your children might get motion sick relatively easily if they are playing games or watching films while also being in the car. If your children are getting motion sick, then consider removing these sources of entertainment and encourage them to take a rest instead. There are many adults that also find it almost impossible to do any reading or work while in a moving vehicle, but a great alternative is to plug in some headphones and listen to an audiobook or music instead.
     If installing entire entertainment systems it a little out of your budget or impractical, then you can always hand them simple tablet devices, smartphones or even portable game consoles such as the new Nintendo Switch or Playstation Vita. These portable consoles have great battery life, a fantastic library of games (although the Nintendo Switch is still new and only has a few games suitable for children) and they’re a lot of fun.
Encourage singing and conversation
     We’ve all seen this familiar situation in movies; a family is driving down a long stretch of road, blasting classic pop tunes while singing together in harmony. Sadly, it can get annoying sometimes and it’s distracting for the driver, but it’s a fantastic way to connect with your family if everyone’s spirits are low due to the long and boring drive.
     However, encouraging conversation is something that is a lot more relaxing and can also help you bond with the rest of your family. Try to pick subjects that engage your children and make them think. For instance, you could carry a small book of quiz questions and test them on their general knowledge. Or you could bring their textbooks and read out some questions to see if they’ve been learning properly at school. You could also speak about more light-hearted topics, such as what they’ll do when you arrive at your destination, what they want to eat for dinner and talking about their hobbies.
Keeping them safe in the back
     One of the most worrisome things for a parent is thinking what your child gets up to in the back while you’re driving. Could they be fiddling about with the car lock, are they playing with the windows or are they slouched over in an uncomfortable position that will injure them if the car suddenly jolts forward? With so many worries, our only defences are usually the child safety controls in our vehicles and the trusty old seatbelt. However, these can easily be defeated by a clever child that wants more freedom in the back of the car, so what other ways do we have to keep them safe?
     Aside from the typical seatbelt that you should always remind them to wear when inside the car, you can also get baby seats or child seats if you want more peace of mind. Websites such as babyseats.reviews have tonnes of information about baby car seats. To make it even more convenient, they’re sorted by categories such as price, type and even brands. A baby seat doesn’t take long to install, they add an extra layer of protection and it also lifts them off the seat slightly to give them a more comfortable sleeping position. They also usually have side head rests should your child fall asleep and lean over.
Beware of hot days
     When the sun is blazing and the air is humid, we struggle to think straight let alone worry about our kids in the car. Hot days are the enemy of all drivers, and to make matters worse, it’s no easier on your child. They could be screamed, crying or even sweating profusely due to the heat, contributing to the already stressful day.
     Ensure that you always have a spare bottle of water for your child to remain hydrated and remind them to take a sip whenever they feel thirsty. Another good point to remember is that you should never, under any circumstances, leave your child alone in the car. Cars can become baking hot ovens if left in the sun. It doesn’t matter if you’re stepping out to pay for petrol or queue in line at the supermarket—you should never leave your child unattended inside a vehicle because it could significantly raise their chances of being injured due to a heat stroke.
Keeping essentials charged
     A lot of entertainment that can be used in the car works on battery power. This means it’s essential to carry at least one durable portable battery bank in the car. You should keep it out of harm’s way and keep it hidden away from direct sunlight to prevent it from getting damaged and potentially exploding. The type of battery bank you’ll need depends on the number of devices you need to charge and what kind of devices they are. Tablets, for example, take up a lot of battery power if they are constantly in use. Smartphones and portable game consoles take up less battery power but can chew through an entire battery bank within just an hour if they are being heavily used. Smaller devices such as iPods or electronic reading devices take much less battery power, meaning you won’t need a very powerful battery bank to keep them charged.
Encourage studying
     Lastly, we can speak about studying. Although it does take a lot of effort to study in the car when it’s rocking back and forth, children who are interested in learning something can take their school books with them in an attempt to pick up some new knowledge or revise for an exam before the big day. If reading is difficult or bothersome inside of a vehicle, then consider getting educational or informative audio books for them to listen to while in the car. It’s much easier to handle, often cheaper, and the entire family can listen in and speak about it.
<![CDATA[Savannah Guthrie Gears Up For Today Show Return After MaternityLeave]]>Mon, 13 Mar 2017 20:36:01 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/savannah-guthrie-gears-up-for-today-show-return-after-maternityleave.htmlShe's (almost) back to business!  Savannah Guthrie shared an adorable
photo of her two month old baby boy, Charley, on Instagram and
announced that she is just about ready to return to her "Today"
show roots after being on maternity leave for almost three months.
"Hey little one, you're not the ONLY good reason to wake up early!
I'm headed back to @Todayshow March 3! Excited to see you all!" she
captioned the snap.
The morning show host, who also has a two year old daughter, Vale, has
been gone from the show since December, besides a surprise appearance
in January to celebrate co-anchor Matt Lauer's 20th anniversary
episode. The news anchor, 45, married her husband Michael Feldman in
2014, and had daughter Vale not too long after. She opened up shortly
after her daughter's birth
 about how much maternity leave had
changed her, and how it offered her some peace, relaxation and a
chance to really focus on being a mom. However, Savannah has still
been busy even with two babies at home, as she just published her
first children's book, titled "Princesses Wear Pants". We can't
wait to see this proud new mama back at home on morning TV!
<![CDATA[Moving The Family Interstate]]>Thu, 09 Mar 2017 20:23:54 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/moving-the-family-interstate.html     Getting ready for a house move can take a lot of organising. You’ve got to sort a new house to move into while packing your current home, keeping the kids entertained and with as little disruption as possible. No easy feat, right?
Wrong. Moving house isn’t hard if you make sure you follow a tight schedule and keep the kids happy, which usually takes help from friends and family. Taking help where you can get it means you are able to get the house packed faster and more efficiently. Moving your entire family interstate makes things a little more difficult, especially if you are going from one side of the country to another. Planning your new start in a new state is a huge adventure, and seeing it as such rather than the challenge it will be can make for a more exciting time.

Not only will you be living in a new house, you’ll be living in a whole new environment. The climate will be different, your job will be different and the schools your children go to will be different. It’s a big adjustment and it all starts with choosing a moving company that can handle the entire move. Smaller companies tend to not be able to handle moving all your things across the country. Choose a company that is experienced in what they do and have handled big moves before. This way you can use a company with reputable references so you can feel confident about moving everything you own thousands of miles.

     Communicate your plans to move as early as you can. Tell your children first and then close family and friends. You’re going to need as much support as possible and you may come across some resistance and not just from the older children in the family. Close family and parents may be unhappy that you’re moving away. Keep strong with your decision; your choice to move interstate won’t have been one you have taken lightly so do what you need to for your family and not for anyone else.
     Before you make the big move, don’t leave any loose ends stray. Settle utility and phone company bills, inform the schools of your plans as well as your medical services so that they can anticipate your new surgery requesting your medical records. Redirect your mail to the new house a week ahead of the move so that nothing important gets left at the old house. Check out the costs of transferring your car registration and insurances to the new state, and get to know the neighbourhood thoroughly.
     Moving interstate is a little more of a challenge than moving a few suburbs away, but it’s easily done with a lot of organisation and support. The promise of adventure for your family is ahead of you and making sure you promote the move as an adventure can really help children settle to the idea. Stay positive, stay open to communication and stay positive; you’re starting over for your family – that’s exciting!
<![CDATA[4 Things to Never Skimp On as a Parent ]]>Wed, 08 Mar 2017 02:42:02 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/03/4-things-to-never-skimp-on-as-a-parent.html

4 Things to Never Skimp On as a Parent


As a parent, you’ve probably learned to bring out your frugal side and become more conscious of bargains and prohibitively high prices than ever. However, there are just some things are worth spending money on, even if it means paying more than you could.



Before you encounter problems, cheaper diapers probably seem extremely attractive. After all, most babies and toddlers use diapers for at least a couple of years, and if you’re going to use the disposable varieties, why not go with a brand that’s less expensive than the rest?


That line of thought seems to hold true until at least one embarrassing incident makes you vow to never choose cheap diapers again. Maybe a leak happened right when your characteristically grumpy great aunt picked up your newborn, or just before you were supposed to go enjoy a much-needed night out with your spouse.

Regardless of the specifics involved, you’ll likely learn that diapers belong on your no-skimp list.

Your Favorite Beverages


Maybe you’re a wine-loving woman or a dad who loves Dos Equis. If alcohol’s not your thing, perhaps you can hardly get through the first hour of the day without at least one cup of steaming coffee or cocoa.


Beloved beverages are worth splurging on, especially because they may end up being associated with a few precious moments of sanity throughout the day (or likely the night, in the case of alcoholic drinks). You probably don’t treat yourself to things as often as you once did while parenting, but it’s worthwhile to permit ongoing indulgence on delectable drinks, at least in moderation.

Reliable Door Locks


Parenting has a way of reminding you just how little privacy your life actually has. Thankfully, you can still get time to yourself as long as it’s spent behind doors equipped with strong, fail-proof door locks.


Invest in varieties that kids won’t figure out how to pick, and read reviews about door locks to get educated about the brands and styles that would work best for your home. Without the peace of mind offered by doors that lock tight, you might have to engage in a few too many awkward conversations with a curious toddler.

Home Insurance


Some parents balk at buying insurance because they assume (and hope) they’re paying for coverage they’ll never need to use. However, that’s a dangerous mindset. It’s at least highly advisable to work with an insurance agency and learn more about options for home insurance in your area. There will probably be several types of coverage you might want to consider.


Place of residence is one factor that can determine how much a household pays to insure an abode. However, if you’re up front with an insurance agent and confess you’re trying to buy insurance without blowing your budget, it may be possible to get good coverage at a price that’s less than you expected.


Now that you’ve learned about several things that are worth paying for as a parent, hopefully, it’ll be easier to manage your money. Remember, living frugally doesn’t mean sacrificing the things that matter by convincing yourself to do without them.