Educational Insights gave us the opportunity to try out Kanoodle and Kanoodle Genius. Oldest and middle loved these games, and it gave me some time to myself! These are both solo games made for ages 12 and up. They are incredibly fun and the husband and I really liked them too! 
     Kanoodle is the game that middle child played. It comes with little orbs that you place on a stand. The object is to pick a puzzle from the booklet and assemble it. Then, you need to figure out the missing pieces. There are hundreds of possibilities, but only one real answer. Middle child was frustrated at first, but I helped her through the first few puzzles. After that, she was addicted.

     Oldest tried out Kanoodle Genius, which is a bit different from the original. He had played the first one previously, so he knew what he was doing. Kanoodle Genius comes with 200 puzzles and challenges you for hours. It is a more advanced version of the original Kanoodle. Oldest child still loves playing every night!
     Both of the games are awesome for developing critical thinking skills. They also both travel very well. We take them on road trips and camping. The only thing you must keep in mind is that they do have very small pieces which do present a choking hazard. We were sure to keep youngest child away when we were playing!


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