Are you like me and just put your purse on the ground, no matter where you are? I always do, and don't really think about the germs that accrue on the bottom of my bag....especially my diaper bag. I'm not a girly girl, so I hate carrying a purse. I do it out of necessity. Kids are always handing me stuff to shove in it. If I don't have a purse, I end up carrying everyone's crap. When I finally get a break, I just toss my bag anywhere, including the dirty ground. Until now. I have found the cutest little device that solves my germ-phobia issues.Clipa is a cute little purse accessory that keeps your bag up off the ground, where it should be!

     Clipa is made to be used on bookbags, purses, backpacks, etc. It is amazing! I found it especially useful when I was in a public restroom and the stall didn't have a hook. Instead of having to do my business while holding my purse, I used my Clipa!!! It is great for holding the diaper bag while at the public changing tables as well. I really cannot tell you how phenomenal these are! Be sure to Like them on Facebookhere! Follow them on twitterhere and stay up to date on the latest Clipa news! 
     Want to buy your own? There are a ton of colors to choose from! Click here to get your own Clipa! Want to win a Clipa? Go to our Giveaway page! Two winners are going to win a black travel size black Clipa like I tried out! See it here


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