These little rocks of color are amazing for little hands! My kids were fascinated when we sat down to color and I told them we were using the bag of "rocks" instead of usual crayons. I was skeptical and assumed the novelty would wear off, they loved them!
     These crayons were developed by Barbara Lee, a teacher with a background in special needs education. Her inspiration was to develop a crayon that used a child's tripod grip (thumb, first and second fingers). The Crayon Rocks do just that. 

     Typical crayons that you purchase in the store are made from paraffin wax. Crayon Rocks are non-toxic and made from Kosher soy wax. To purchase your Crayon Rocks, go here. If you use coupon code CRBlog33 you will save 33% off your order! 


Aimee Trader
03/09/2015 9:04pm

These are so neat! I think even my older kids would enjoy coloring with them!

03/16/2017 9:22am

Art is a fun. We can express our feelings to make articles. Some people use crayons to make articles. Crayons have special colours. We can purchase crayons from the store. Colours of crayons are amazing. These are non toxic.

09/15/2017 6:30am

We keep the spirit to learn and to strive. Nice to meet you.


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