Middle child is nine years old, and at least once a week I ponder how much worse her attitude will get when she experiences PMS. I know the day is coming, and the husband and I dread it. However, when the dreaded day comes, I have found an amazing product that I wish was around when I was a teen. 
     I specifically remember getting so stressed out in school when I would get my period. I have always hated carrying a purse, but for that one week a month, I was stuck toting one around. Otherwise, I had no idea where I was going to keep my necessities. Dot Girl Products has made it so much easier for girls today! 

     The Dot Girl kit is super cute and offers discretion to your little girl. I love the fact that it looks like a little makeup case! Inside, you will find a 20 page period answer book, 5 feminine pads, 5 disposal bags, 1 reusable heating pad, and 2 hand wipes. The booklet has 20 questions that are common for all girls when they get their first period. Such as: What is a period? How many days will it last? How do I track it? On dotgirlproducts.com your child can also find a free period calendar to track their period. 
     I truly believe this is a must have for any teen that reaches this time in her life. It is a cute and informative way to make their first period less scary. To purchase this product, click here! Use the code 2BLOG and save $2.00!!


11/16/2016 8:19am

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