The husband happened upon this amazing cookbook written by a wonderful person. Leanne Brown figured out a nutritious way to EAT WELL on just four dollars a day! Brown created the cookbook as a project in her final year as a food studies major at New York University. Her goal was to make eating healthy and tasty a reality for people on the SNAP program. Since lower income families don't have an  excessive amount to spend on food, this book is amazing. It is also available in a free PDF version here
     Leanne Brown is also using a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to produce a print version of this book. This would allow people who would not typically have access to computers or internet to gain access to the book. To donate to Leanne's Kickstarter campaign, go here. Hurry up, you only have until July 12, 2014. There are different tiers of donation, the minimum being $1.00. 



11/07/2017 12:06pm

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