Our Lay-n-Go came the day our first pley.com shipment came, so we got to see it in action! The Lay-n-Go is a storage and carrying solution in one. It quickly closes, so the kids were able to put away their Lego sets in a jiffy! 
     Lay-n-Go are cute play mats that the kids spread out and can actually play on. They are washable and wipeable high quality fabrics that are extremely durable. We tried out the Lay-n-Go Lite, which was an awesome size for Lego, matchbox cars and dinosaurs that the kiddos love to carry while we are traveling. These come in three sizes to fit many needs: the Lay-n-Go is 5 ft across, the Lite is 18 inches and the Cosmo (perfect for cosmetics) is 20 inches. If you travel as much as we do, these are amazing



I have to have this as soon as you can deliver. I travel a lot as my work is based on travelling so such mat will be a great help for me. Plus my child also loves such kind of I terms more than the colds I find these interesting.


Most of the kids are really interested in these types of things all the time and I really like to know about these things more erectility. I am sure that it is an interesting thing to know about.


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