We love books! So, when we got a chance to try out some clothes from outofprintclothing.com we were totally excited. 
     OutofPrintClothing.com celebrates books through fashion. Some of the items are based on out of print classics that are banned, while others are currently in print. This site doesn't just offer t-shirts but many other items such as tote bags, phone cases, jewelry, and much more. 

     Not only does outofprintclothing.com have great items based on your favorite books, but they have a great heart. They work with the Books for Africa program to donate one book for each item sold. They also offer a great fundraising opportunity for schools and libraries. The library is assigned a unique code, and they direct people to the outofprintclothing.com website to purchase an item. When the product is purchased, the library or school then receives 30% of the sale. The code allows the shopper to get free shipping and there is no minimum order! What a great way to earn money for your school or library!
     Check out the awesome items at OutofPrintClothing.com here


Oh this is seriously such a wonderful idea and I would love to get the prints of my favorite book’s titles. I would love wearing such t-shirts and especially when going in book discussions. We friends arrange once in a month a book gathering.

04/16/2017 11:38am

This is amazing. A book that I can wear finally. Reading book has been my habit for past 7 years and I finish a book daily before going to sleep. Book reading is the best hobby anyone can have because it gives you so much knowledge and so much information to share.


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