Even if we don't really want to admit it, school is right around the corner for most of our kiddos. Sad, right? But, we still have to get to buying the school clothes and supplies. 
     I have found a great site that helps with all of your kiddos labeling needs when they have to hop on the bus in a few weeks. Loveable Labels allows you to customize labels with your child's name and their choice of picture. 
     If your child is anything like mine, they lost their lunchbox, mittens, hats and books, daily. Basically, anything that isn't attached to them. So, I am constantly writing their names in these items. With Loveable Labels, it has gotten so much easier, and they are adorable! 

     For the month of July, Loveable Labels is offering FREE SHIPPING to all of US and Canada. To top it off, they are offering $5.00 off their Back to School Pack of Labels. It is filled with:
15 Sticker Labels
80 Slimline Labels
12 Shoe Labels
48 Press and Stick Clothing Dots
2 Metal Dog Tags 
12 Square Labels
The retail price is $44.95 and until the end of July it is $39.95!

These are really great for school, daycare and so much more! Get your order in before the end of July to save a ton of money!! 



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