Before middle child was diagnosed with autism, one of the main challenges I had was getting her to sleep. I tried everything under the sun. After she was diagnosed I researched and finally found that weighted blankets were soothing for children on the spectrum. It has been one of the most valuable therapy tools my daughter has ever used. Not only does she use it at bedtime, but she uses it throughout the day as a soothing mechanism. The weight makes her feel secure. Her weighted blanket changed our lives.

Weighted blankets are not used just for autism spectrum disorders, but many other ailments. They have been found effective for stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and many other health issues. 
     Mosaic Weighted Blankets are amazing. The company was founded by Laura LeMond, who wanted to raise awareness to this simple way to relieve illness. They are beautiful and come in a variety of patterns. Mosaic offers the ability to choose either a blanket or a lap pad. Blankets are typically more beneficial for a child who rolls themselves in a "taco" at night or likes to wear tight clothes. Lap pads may benefit adults who suffer from restless leg syndrome. 
     Mosaic Weighted Blankets is giving a reader the opportunity to win a $50.00 gift certificate to spend in their store. To have your chance, please go to our Giveaway page.


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