Does your family enjoy healthy snacking? Ours does, so we tried Nibblr. We took our Nibblr box along on a picnic, and it was a great addition. Our snack box had four awesome treats: Punched Up Pistachios (salt and pepper pistachios), Tokyo Heatwave (wasabi peas, peanut crackers, and sesame sticks), Autumn Crisps (crisps with cranberries, pecans, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds) and my favorite the ABC's (dried apple blueberries and cranberries). It was a great mix and super easy to carry. 
     Each of the Nibblr boxes comes with four portion controlled snacks. You determine how often you receive your box. Options are: weekly, every other week, monthly. You can't pick what snacks you receive, but once you start to rate the snacks, Nibblr gets to know your taste buds. Then, you start to receive boxes suited to your ratings. Want to try it out? My readers get their first box free! Go here and then hit subscribe, use the code NONPERFECTPARENTING and you will get your first Nibblr box absolutely free!


Healthy snacks are very important for leading a healthy life. Even I prefer to have a healthy snack and I m very much attracted to this Nibblr by seeing the pictures in your post. It seems very healthier and I would love to try it for sure.


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