In our home, we love to cook. We also love garlic. It has tons of health benefits and it adds a lot of flavor, but we hate the smell it gets on your hands. 
     I have personally tried many garlic presses. They have never lived up to my standards. Typically, I can't get them clean enough, or they are too hard for me to press down on (I have severe arthritis in my hands) so it is much easier to just chop the garlic. Orblue gave me the chance to demo their new Propresser Garlic Press, and I absolutely love it! 

     The Propresser Garlic Press is made from 100% stainless steel unlike many other presses today. It will not rust or weaken with use and will last for years. It is made to be used with ease. I can honestly say it takes almost no effort to press the garlic, which is amazing. With my hands, there are many things I cannot do in the kitchen. With the Propresser Garlic Press, it allows me to save so much time by pressing the garlic instead of chopping and dicing. Cleanup is so simple with the Propresser Garlic Press basket. I just had to rinse it, and that is it. It was quick and easy, but the best part is that it came COMPLETELY clean unlike many others I have tried. 
     One of the best features about this product is its warranty. If you have any problems for the LIFETIME of the product, Orblue will refund your money and send you a new Propresser Garlic Press. Want to buy yours today? Click here! If you order today, You will get a free e-book and 10% off and Free Shipping on orders of two or more. Use code GETMETWO !!!  I am giving one away to one lucky reader! Enter now on my Giveaway page!!!


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