This is perhaps one of the best ideas I have come across yet. I cannot be the only parent who buys boxes and boxes of Lego sets, to have them built once, and never touched again. Pley.com solves that problem! 
     Pley.com is a Lego rental site that allows you to pick from tons of Lego sets. It works like Netflix, but in case you are not familiar let me explain! You go online and pick which subscription type you want. There are three plans: Fan allows you to get small sets, Super Fan allows medium sets and Mega Fan gets the large sets. The prices are $15, $25, and $39 a month. Each of the plans have a multitude of sets to choose from. After you pick which plan you want, you fill up your Lego queue, and then they ship your set. Shipping is free both ways.  

     Your Lego set is sanitized after each use. When ours arrived, I checked specifically to make sure it was not dirty or sticky. I was very surprised. It was amazing. It looked brand new. The sets also come with a cute little contract that the kiddos have to sign. It says that they will keep all of the pieces in the box and return everything when it goes back. I loved this touch from pley.com. It helps keep the kids accountable. 
     When you are finished, just ship the set back. There is no time limit. Keep as long or as short of a time period as you wish. If the kiddos don't like it, return it that day. If they love it, pley.com also offers the option to buy the set. 
     Do you love this idea as much as I do? Do you want to try it for your kiddos? We are giving away one 6 month Super Fan Plan and one 3 month Super Fan Plan on our Giveaway page! Enter now! Everyone that enters will win something!!!


Shannon Webster
07/08/2014 9:19pm

What a neat idea! My girls would love the opportunity to try out different sets of Legos!

06/07/2016 4:10am

Yes these great informative things that you shared with us are amazing and new once. I am really impressed with your new ideas and great writing skills because you never share anything before. So thanks for sharing these type of extra ordinary things.


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