The kind folks at Precidio Design Inc. were nice enough to send me a couple of their products to review. They are both awesome products.
First, parents are going to love the new Juice in the Box. It is basically a sippy cup, except WAY better. First, it is square, so it fits in lunch boxes. This is perfect for us, since we travel so much. Youngest child loves to have his own little snack pack. Next, it doesn't leak. Honest! I have bought every "non-leaking" sippy cup on the market, only to have a soaked baby at the end of the day. This one is for real. It also features a safety so the straw won't get pinched. The best feature of this little box? It is indestructible! I set all three kids loose on it and it is still in one piece. You can buy it on their site here. Each Juice in the Box is $11.99 and comes in five different colors. After all of the money I have spent on sippy cups, I would buy these in a second.
     The second product is for older kiddos and adults. I wouldn't recommend for young children. Glass is the best material to drink from; however, it isn't always safe to carry around. I have seen other glass water bottles on the market, but never like this one. The PURE safe-shell has a coating on it, when the bottle breaks it doesn't shatter. The risk of injury is limited. Now, you can have the ability of drinking from glass and not worrying about shattering the bottle. It is an amazing product, and you can buy it here. The PURE safe-shell is $24.99 and worth every penny. It is great for runners and bikers. 
     Both of these products are wonderful. I am super excited about Precidio Design's newest bottle the Multi Flask coming out July 1. Hopefully, we will see a review of it here soon.


03/15/2017 11:56pm

I like your two products . I want to purchase these items to my children .You have a nice knowledge on the needs of the children.


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