SafeRingz.com is perhaps one of my personal favorite items that we have tried so far. It solves a problem that many couples, like us, face. The husband works in an industry that does not allow him to wear a wedding band to work, for safety reasons. Saferingz.com has come up with an amazing solution. 

     Saferingz.com is an affordable and safe alternative to traditional wedding bands for electricians, firefighters, mechanics, athletes, military, or anyone who works with their hands. The rings are safe and non-conductive. They are also flexible which allows them to rip away if they would get stuck in machinery, They are hypo-allergenic and durable. 
     We received our Saferingz last week. The husband has been wearing his since. Honestly, he hates wearing rings because he never really had to. He loves his. It is very comfortable because it is flexible and it mimics an actual ring because of the coloring. He hasn't taken it off since he put it on. 
     Another benefit of Saferingz.com is that a portion of each purchase goes to support our troops by sending them free rings! To purchase your Saferingz click here


11/09/2014 8:08pm

Yes, I'm a busy, active father of two. A firefighter, a farrier, roper, & horse trainer and so I work with my hands & get them dirty every day. SafeRingz are safe and comfortable for me to wear. I have no excuse to not wear my wedding ring! I love it & so does my wife!

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