I cannot begin to tell you how much we love this game! It is amazing!!!! First, we love board games and we spend many, many hours playing them. So, when USAopoly gave us the chance to try out some new games, we were pretty excited! Tapple has been our favorite so far! First, I love the fact that it is all inclusive. The game comes with cards, but they fit into the bottom of the game for easy storage. So, no more lost cards!!! 

     The game is quick paced and it is a rush to beat the timer, but all ages can play! No spelling is required just quick thinking! The last person standing wins the round. Tapple is an awesome game by USAopoly. We took it along camping to play on the picnic table. It was appropriate for our 9 year old, but could have worked for much younger. The adults love it as well, the husband and I play without the kiddos! To find out more about Tapple click here! Want to see what other great games USAopoly offers, click here! USAopoly is giving a reader the chance to win their own Tapple game! Go to my Giveaway page and enter now!!!


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