So I love to coupon. I am one of those extreme couponers that you see on television. The husband used to make fun of me, until he saw how much money it saved us. I am also very serious about the products I use. I have a system and I need my binders. I use the Ultra Pro 3 Ring Binder to organize all of my coupons so they are easy to manage and categorize. 
     The Ultra Pro 3 Ring Binder is awesome. It holds up to 80 pages. It also has a category list on the back cover which is extremely helpful for even the most seasoned couponer. The binder comes with 40 pages and comes in a variety of designs. 
     When I actually go to the store, I need something smaller to carry my coupon load. The Ultra Pro 9 pocket Coupon Portfolio is what I use, it is phenomenal. The book comes with 20 sealed in sheets, so it cannot have any added to it. But, I have never needed anymore. This is coming from a person that usually has a $2000.00 bill at the store before coupons. The portfolio also has the handy category guide on the back and comes in a variety of designs. To order yours, click here!  Want to win your own set? Go to my giveaway page! 


09/09/2016 6:51am

Ultra Pro Coupon Organizer is a wonderful thing, it can be very helpful when we organize all so they are easy to manage and categories..Thanks for your new recommendations.I will try it soon.


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