Craft What?!? is a monthly subscription service that challenges its members to get crafty! Each month, Craft What?!? delivers a variety of items to your door, and you get to determine how to use them. Then, share your new creation on Craft What's?!?  facebook, pinterest and twitter
     This month's inspiration was, come "fly" with us. So, we received a box all about flying! At first, we were taken aback because there were no directions, and we really didn't know what direction to go with it. But, we decided to have fun. 

     Our Craft What?!? flying box came with a canvas, three types of tissue paper, a sharpie, glue, and scissors. The concept is to use your imagination and create something based on this month's idea. Middle child had an awesome time putting it together. 
     Craft What?!? is $10 per month and the box ships at the beginning of each month. To check out their site, click here!Want to win your own Craft What?!? box? Go to my Giveaway page! 


08/07/2014 4:17pm


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