Middle Child has super straight, thick hair. Kisspat was great enough to allow us to try their amazing Magic Leverag! What the heck is that, right? Let me tell you! 

     Magic Leverag is truly magic product. It takes straight hair to curly in just minutes. Literally! To use Magic Leverag, your hair must be wet. Then, you use the styling hook to pull the magic rollers through your hair. Finally, after they are all in place, you blow dry your hair. You may also choose to sleep in the magic rollers overnight, but it isn't necessary. If you do though, they are soft so it is completely comfortable. After you remove the magic rollers, you are left with a head of spiral curls. 
     We absolutely loved Kisspat's Magic Leverag! Middle child has a new favorite way of styling her hair and can't wait to do it for the first day of school! Kisspat doesn't just specialize in hair, they offer a wide varie


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