I ordered this book for youngest child, and it is too cute! Lostmy.name creates adorable and unique children's books. They are based all around your child's name, no matter how uncommon your kiddo's name is! 
     Each book from Lostmy.name is specially printed for each child. It takes your child on a special journey to find their name, after they have lost it. 

     The interesting part of Lostmy.name is that they are 100% Independent, 100% Self-published, and 100%Self-funded. Honestly, when I ordered, I bulked a bit at the $27.99 price tag. After receiving it, I no longer doubted my purchase. The book is super high quality and it is something youngest will have for years. 
     Lostmy.name books are appropriate for ages 2-6, although older readers would enjoy the story as well! They also offer free shipping, no matter where in the world you live! Do you want your own Lostmy.name book for your kiddo? I'm giving one reader a 15% off code! Go to my Giveaway page to enter to win! Want to check out their site and preview your customized book, free of charge, click here


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