Here we are again with another wonderful summer day of rain!  Luckily, we had Reverse Charades by USAoply to keep us entertained and laughing!  One thing to keep in mind with this game is that it is for larger families or gatherings, as it is intended for at least 6 players.  However the instructions tell you to be creative when making teams, we are creative when it is only the four of us! 

     With 6+ players, there is only one guesser while the rest of the team acts out as many word as possible in 60 seconds which can get quite comical and crazy at times!  However if you find yourself with less players, you can still play regular charades.  If you have an odd number of players, have one person be a swing player for both teams.  No matter the number of players, the same rule of "NO TALKING" applies or your team looses points!  This rule leaves room for the game to get really silly!  Just remember with Reverse Charades or any game, the object is for everyone to have fun! Want to win your own copy of Reverse Charades? Go to my Giveaway page! 


09/20/2016 11:55pm

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