I adore Spongelle products. There must be something deep down inside of me that is a girly girl, because when I got the chance to try the Spongelle Pink Tiare Flower Boxed Duo, I was pretty geeked! 
     What I love about Spongelle's products is the amount of uses you get. For instance, in the Pink Tiare, each body buffer is infused with enough body wash to last for fifteen uses. So, in the gift set, you are giving more than thirty showers.

     The Pink Tiare Flower Boxed Duo also restores skin's elasticity. It contains an age defying anti-oxidant formula and gently boosts the body's circulation. When I used it, I was amazed at how moisturized my skin was. The fall and winter wreak havoc on my hair and skin. I will be sure to keep Spongelle products on hand, they are a lifesaver! Another benefit of the body buffer is that it exfoliates and massages all at the same time!
     With the holiday season quickly approaching, keep the Spongelle Pink Tiare Flower Boxed Duo in mind. It makes a perfect gift for any girl with its extracts of Yuzu, Edelweiss, and Vetiver. Or, pick one up to pamper yourself. Check out the Spongelle site here!  Want to win your own body buffer, go to my Giveaway page! 


11/03/2014 12:57am

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