I had the opportunity to work with the amazing company VivoPrint. It is a wonderful website that allows you to create personalized photo gifts for any occasion that you can possibly imagine! 

     I got a chance to order multiple personalized products, so I could go through the VivoPrint process. The first item I ordered was this customized iPhone case for the 5s. It was very simple to upload the design I wanted and when I came, I was very happy with it. It is a very durable case and the design was exactly what I wanted. The case is made from a durable Polymer material and provides access to all of your ports. 
     The next item I ordered was this business card holder. I uploaded my business logo, and it was extremely simple! When it arrived, I was a bit disappointed because the logo itself is a sticker, and it was a bit rumbled when applied. But because I am the only one really looking at it, no big deal. It holds 20 standard business cards and has a velvet interior. 
     I also ordered this thermos for the husband. He is a huge coffee drinker and we are always searching for the perfect travel mug. Honestly this one is amazing! I uploaded and adorable photo of the brood, and it turned out perfect! The thermos keeps his coffee hot for hours and holds 16oz of liquid. It is by far my favorite item I ordered. 
     The final purchase is this water bottle I ordered for middle child. I purposely uploaded a very difficult logo with her name on it to see how it would turn out. It was amazing! It was a sparkly purple heart with her name across it that I downloaded from the internet, and they transferred it perfectly to the bottle. However, the biggest disappointment came when the bottle arrived scratched. VivoPrint did offer to let me reorder. 
     Overall, my experience with VivoPrint was great! They offer unique custom products at really affordable prices. Do you want to check out their site? Click here! Want to win a $50 shopping spree at VivoPrint? Go to my Giveaway page! Everyone who enters will win a $10 coupon on a future purchase! 


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