Tell me if your mornings look something like this: 
     Right before the bus pulls up in front of our house, middle child is usually running around looking for her pink tennis shoe. She can find one of them, but the evil shoe monster has come and hidden the other at some point during the night. Because of this, middle child is in hysterics, I am annoyed at the evil shoe monster, and youngest is yelling because he wants to go to see the bus. School mornings are not fun when we are missing a shoe, and I am not looking forward to it. Wear a Pear has solved my missing shoe dilemma! 

     So, what exactly is Wear a Pear? This ingenious little clip connects your kiddos shoes when they aren't in use.
      Okay, I wasn't believing it either when we tried them out. I figured it would never work. Here's the thing, in our house we don't wear shoes after we walk in the front door, so they have to stay in the entry hall. The issue was, youngest is the shoe monster and he was running off with middle's shoes. So, we used the Wear a Pear, and hung them, and now they actually stay in place because the shoe monster can't reach them. They are actually for a variety of uses: keeping shoes together for travel, hanging over a diaper bag, or tossing in a basket. In our home, this is how we keep them together! If you are a travel family like us, this is a must have! It is especially great for little athletes who carry a change of shoes in gym bags! 
     Want to check out Wear a Pear online? Here is their site! They are also on facebook and twitter! Want to keep your kiddos shoes together, I am giving a set away! Check my Giveaway page for details! 


12/26/2016 9:11am

Oh this issue is very much our daily routine before everyone leaves for school and work. I have three kids and they are absolutely perfect in not keeping the things at their designated places. Every morning the voices like where my other shoe is and where is my tie are pretty much my routine.


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