With the Snack Sack by Snack Taxi you can help keep a cleaner environment.... by using the reusable bag it will keep up to 1000 plastic baggies from being disposed of in landfills!  These colorful, high quality bags are durable and a great addition to any lunchbox or picnic basket!  Besides offering a variety of sizes and colors, these bags are adjustable to fit many items. 

     The Velcro adhesive is secure and does not allow for anything to slip out of the bag.  The lining on the inside allows for items to stay fresh inside while the outside is quite fashionable to suit anyone's taste!  These bags are machine washable also so that you can keep yours clean and in good shape for years to come!  With every time you pack your child's school lunch, you could be helping make a "happy planet" with http://www.snacktaxi.com/about-us.html! Want to win your own Snack Sack? Go to our Giveaway page! 


05/03/2017 8:34am

I agree that we have to reusable or recycle-able materials for packing our snacks. It will help reduce a great deal of dump. Unfortunately, nobody is minding about the environment. As a result, the whole world is suffering.


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