I had the opportunity to try some of the great products from Yolli.com. They have been making confectionery supplies all over the world since 1991. 
     Yolli.com offers a wide range of supplies from baking, candy, packaging, decorating to even production machinery. With Yolli.com, the possibilities are endless. 

     In our home we love cupcakes. The husband bakes killer chocolate cupcakes that was his grandma's recipe. So, when we entertain, we need a cute stand to put them on. We got a chance to try out Yolli's 3 Tier Silver Cupcake Stand. I absolutely love it! It stands at a height of 22cm and holds 13 cupcakes. It looks so much better than just throwing the cupcakes he bakes onto a platter when we have guests. 
     We also got a chance to try some cake pop necessities: the Mixed Color Lolipop Sticks and the Cake Pop Bags. We make cake pops all of the time, and these are a necessity. The prices at Yolli.com are awesome, and the items are top notch! 
     Want to check out their site? Click here! Want to win some goodies from Yolli.com, go to my Giveaway p


03/19/2017 6:55am

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