As I get older I can see the difference in my skin all over my body and I wish that I could turn back time!  I have used Aromatherapaes Refreshing Moisture Shea & Sugar Body Scrub several times now and I can see that my skin looks healthier.  First, I really enjoyed the light citrus and vanilla scent while in the shower...aromatherapy!  Second, I have used scrubs before and I hate trying to wash away the grit that exfoliates but with Shea & Sugar Body Scrub, the sugar dissolves away!  My skin is left feeling smooth and soft... 

     after getting out of the shower. My skin looked healthier, softer and had a "dewy" appearance.  If you think of sugar and think sticky, no worries!  This product is a perfect balance of ingredients that it is not sticky at all and does a wonderful job on improving the appearance and health of your body's skin!  Smith&VanDiver offer a wide variety of products that are perfect for giving that "spa" experience at home to a loved one or to pamper yourself!! Check out their website here and use the code nonperfectparent to get 20% off sitewide! Want to follow them on Facebook, click here! Check them out on twitter here! Want to win your own Smith&VanDiver product? Go to our Giveaway page! 


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