So in our house middle child and I are constantly at odds over hair accessories. Banded has made it a million times worse. Now, we are always stealing these awesome headbands from each other!

     These Banded bands are amazing. They come in three different sizes: skinny, the original 1 inch, and wide. The variety of colors and designs is astounding! They have prints you wouldn't believe. The best part is, the bands will NOT slip, at all. The sleeve on the band is built to fit small and large heads, no no matter what size head you have, it is staying in place. Each of the bands is extremely durable and backed in velvet to prevent slippage. They are very high quality. No matter what, the Banded bands will not pinch or pull your hair, so no more headaches! 
     My favorite part about Banded is the fact that they support Amazima. So for each headband you purchase, you are buying three meals for a child in Uganda. How great is that?
     Want to find out more about Banded and check out their immense collection of bands? Click here! Like them on Facebook here! Follow them on twitter here! I will be giving some lucky Facebook followers the opportunity to win Banded bands in the coming weeks! Stay tuned                           



09/04/2014 2:48pm

We are so happy to hear that you like the headbands! And many of us at BANDED have daughters so we completely understand!


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