Our family loves dessert. When I was preggo, I would actually order dessert, then my main course, and then another dessert. I am not kidding. However, when you are growing a baby, those sorts of shenanigans are normal. When you are thirty-five, and you gain weight just by looking at a piece of cake, dessert can be your enemy. Bernard Food Industries, Inc. has made a way for everyone to still enjoy dessert, but not have the guilt that comes along with it! 

     We have been trying out the Sweet and Low and Sans Sucre Desserts made by Bernard Food Industries. They are too yummy for words! The best part is, they don't have the typical aftertaste that you expect from products with artificial sweetener in them. 
     The Sans Sucre desserts are wonderful for those trying to watch their sugar intake. They are sugar free, low fat, and low cholesterol. The Sans Sucre products come in a wide variety of flavors: Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix, Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix, Classic Blondie Brownie Mix, and Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix. There are also a wide variety of Mouse and Cheesecake Mix also made by Sans Sucre. These are all sweetened with Stevia, which is an all natural sweetener. 
     The Sweet 'n Low desserts are also just as yummy. They are simple to make and only require water! They come in cake mixes, frosting mixes, cookie mix, and pancake mix. 
     Want to learn more about everything Bernard Food Industries Inc. makes? Click here! Want to win a selection of your own sugar free desserts to try out? Go to our Giveaway page! 


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