Either as a gift for the holidays or as a gift for your home, the Bitter Orange Crystal Cane Candle would make anyone happy!  The fragrance is mild, yet wonderfully fragrant to enhance your home and the candle gently lights a room to create a warm feeling.
      As the candle burns it creates a beautiful two tone wax that looks so pretty.  The jar with the designer looking glass and shiny silver lid is gorgeous and makes for a great gift to give to anyone!  Keep reading...

     The candle comes in a box that is easy to gift wrap or nice enough to put into a gift bag.  Each candle is clean burning and made of a special blend of vegetable based premium soft waxes.  These candles are sold on the AgrariaHome website and also in  retail stores such as Sax Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman an in high end gift shops.  Make sure that you get yours today and one for a gift to a loved one! Be sure to follow Agraria Home on Facebook to keep up with all their latest news, click here


05/22/2017 1:57pm

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06/19/2017 3:12pm

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