All across the country there are Bucket Filler schools and families popping up everywhere. This is a wonderful concept that teaches children about their own mental and emotional health and how to care for it. At the same time, how to be kind and generous to others. It is an entire curriculum devoted to positive attributes. 
     I was introduced to Bucket Fillers by my friends over at Packable Pails. Since my children do not attend a Bucket Filler school, I had never heard of the program. I was absolutely blown away at how well put together and charming it is! The concept is so simple that a two year old can understand it, but it is also applicable to kids much older. 

     I got a kit of Bucket Filler books to read through and they are truly wonderful. The concept is built around the fact that everyone has a bucket. This bucket represents how you feel. When your bucket is full, you are calm, happy, and friendly. Then, your bucket can overflow. When it overflows, you want to spread your joy and happiness with everyone around you. Negativity can bring down how full your bucket is. If someone is mean to you or you feel bad about yourself, your bucket won't be as full. When your bucket is empty, you feel sad, insecure, and angry. So, you always want a full bucket! 
    Bucket Filling is taking the time to show someone that you care about them or doing something nice for someone. This makes their bucket full because you are making them happy and your bucket full because you did something great. When you do something unkind, the result is Bucket Dipping. This brings down the fullness in both parties buckets. 
     The child development aspect of this concept is amazing. It has brought about wonderful results in many schools. Bucket Fillers does provide training for schools and organizations who wish to implement the curriculum. 
    Packable Pails, who I just featured on Nonperfect Parenting, also teams up with Bucket Fillers. They offer a cute little silver Bucket Filler pail to supplement your Bucket Filling experience. It will be available mid-September, and you can get more details here
     Want to check out Bucket Fillers online? Click here! Find them on Facebook here and on twitter here! Want to be a Bucket Filler Family like us? Go to the Giveaway page to enter! 


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