Charlie Banana is an eco-friendly company that offers quality baby products! Youngest child got to try out the Charlie Banana swim diaper while we were on vacation. It worked out awesome! We have always had issues with the disposable swim diapers, but most places require them. Using a washable, reusable swim diaper is a perfect solution! It eliminates all of the waste that normal swim diapers leave behind, and they are super cute! Charlie Banana swim diapers come in a ton of different prints to make your tot happy. The actual swim diaper has organic cotton lining and the diaper cover has an outer layer that is waterproof and a soft organic cotton lining inside against your gentle baby skin.

     Charlie Banana also makes the best reusable training pants. We have just recently started potty training youngest, and we only use Charlie Banana products. They are super easy to remove and make cleaning up a breeze! Thankfully, youngest hasn't had any major messes ...yet! The Charlie Banana swim diapers and training pants are also interchangable, which makes them great. Although, the training pants do have a bit more lining. Charlie Banana does offer a ton of 2-in-1 options to make life easier. 
     Are you curious about cloth diapers, but not sure where to start? The whole thing can seem really overwhelming as a new parent, especially if it is your first time. Take a deep breath and check out this list that Charlie Banana has compiled. It is everything you need to be on your way to using cloth diapers with your little one! 
     Want to find out more about all of the great products that Charlie Banana makes? Click here to visit their site! You can also follow them on Facebook here and on twitter here! Want to win your own set of Charlie Banana training pants and swim pants? Go to my Giveaway page! 


09/30/2016 9:24am

Getting to become a mother of one, I really took advantage of your blog! It was merely because of your posts that I made best decision for my little child, be it about this diaper selection or about getting her to eat something! You are doing an exceptiona job and I really appreciate you for doing that!

04/25/2017 11:25am

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