The amount of mail I get and send on a daily basis is insane. So, the people at Custom Labels Depot were sweet enough to send me some personalized address labels of my very own. Custom Labels Depot isn't just for address labels though, they make every type of label you can imagine! And they are personalized to your liking! 

     In order to make your labels, you must go through the customization process on Custom Labels Depot. I did find that the process wasn't very user friendly. If you are willing to invest the time and effort, you will get very high quality labels at awesome prices! 
     After I placed my order and picked my design, I was contacted by the company who notified me that my address labels were not personalized. My name and address did not save in the design process. This may have been my error, or another hiccup in their system, but it was most excellent that they caught it before my order shipped! I was very impressed at their customer service and response. 
     Overall, it is a great company and worth the money. The labels are fantastic. Check out Custom Labels depot and all of their products here! You can also find them on Facebook here and on twitter here


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