Custom Nail Solutions the provides the only online mobile impression system to obtain your own personal nail impressions. These one of a kind nails are amazing! They are virtually indestructible! . No more breaking, cracking, chipping. No more toxic chemicals, filling or drilling to the natural nail. I don't know about you, but trying to find the time to get my nails done is a pain, and it is expensive! This is a one time thing! With my nails always chipping and breaking, this is a must have! Check them out!! 

     Custom Nail Solutions sends you a kit, and you choose a length and make your impressions. It isn't too hard, and there are videos to assist. It will take a bit of preparation. Then return completed impressions using the same box & included return shipping label covering the 48 domestic states. Shipping is extra for Hawaii, Alaska and all International Countries. All other shipping needs, including returns, are at the expense of the customer. Created nails will be returned to you inside your maintenance kit which includes what you need to apply, remove & care for your nails. Creation process is 12-28 BUSINESS DAYS, DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TIME. Individual supplies may be ordered as needed. 
     The nails are amazing and look completely natural. They can be treated just like real nails and provide years of wear. You may adorn your nails any way you like. They may be left plain, apply a clear top coat, any color or brand polish, nail wraps, nail art may be applied. When you are done with that specific look remove with nail polish remover. Nails will not stain or be harmed.
     Want to find out more about Custom Nail Solutions, click here! You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own set of nails from Custom Nail Solutions! Go to our Giveaway page! 


07/19/2016 1:49am

very well

07/19/2016 2:13am

Nail is very important part of our body and we should always care of our nails. Nails also show us diseases of our body and the image of this product is very good for nails. I like this product and we should always use best quality of product.


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