My son is very active with soccer going 6 days a week to practices and games and the one thing that always concerns me is dehydration.  With not weighing much, it doesn't give much reserve to pull from when he is playing so hard and is dripping in sweat so this has been a great solution to my worries!  Everyday I am asking my son to drink water but even if I can get enough in him, it doesn't have the same benefits as DripDrops!  It is naturally flavored also so there is no unnecessary sugars or high fructose growing into his body.

     DripDrop is scientifically formulated by a Mayo Clinic trained physician to help save lives under even the most challenging circumstances.  It delivers 2-3x's the electrolytes as sports drinks and 25% more than pediatric drinks  DripDrop is also designed for maximum absorption into the body. As a mother of a very active kid it helps to solve a constant worry that I have.  I know that it will also be good for when any of my family is sick and needs to be rehydrated  and to help get them back on their feet quicker. So check out DripDrop for your family, yourself and/or any grandparents at DripDrop.com,  Follow them on Facebook here and on twitter here! Or stop by a local Walgreens to pick some up!


01/20/2017 2:18am

Non perfect parenting is not a good thing it makes your child dull and unhealthy it does not develops confidence on your child they don’t behave good with others and infact with parents as well so I think treat your child very well


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